Peristaltic Pump, Dispensing Volume 0.01 mL – 9.99 L, Maximum Flow Rate 500 mL/min

BT100-1F, Maximum 4 Channels

This dispensing peristaltic pump (BT100-1F) can generate 0.01 mL – 9990 mL dispensing volumes at adjustable flow rates in the range of 200 nL/min – 500 mL/min. The pump can continuously perform the dispensing function at pre-set dispensing volumes, in dispensing time and batch cycles. The flow rate calibration and dispensing calibration ensure the high accuracy and precision. The pump speed can be controlled through  the control panel (128 x 32 LCD), an external control interface  or a RS485 interface, and the running parameters are saved automatically. The BT100-1F peristaltic dispensing pump is mainly design for laboratory use.

Key Features

  • Compatible pump heads: YZ1515X, YZII15YZ2515XYZII25, DMD15-13, DG15-24, DG15-28, DG-1/DG-2/DG-4
  • Micro flow rates transferring: The smallest flow rate can reach 0.2 μL/min
  • Dispensing function: dispense liquid at desired volumes, dispensing time and batch cycles
  • Back suction function: 0- 99.9 min, resolution is 0.1 s
  • Operating mode: Membrane keypad and rotary encoded switch
  • Rate control: The speed can be adjusted manually or automatically through external control interface
  • Prime key: For fast filling and dispensing at full speed
  • Power-off memory: Return to previous state when power on
  • Calibration function: The flow rates and the dispensing volume scan be calibrated to ensure the accuracy
  • Communication function: the pump can be controlled by computer through RS485 communication interface

Typical Applications

  • Precision liquid handling or delivery
  • Bio-lab applications
  • Suitable for laboratory and industrial application

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