Single gold-bridged nanoprobes for identification of single point DNA mutations

Consensus ranking of protein affinity to identify point mutations has not been established. Therefore, analytical techniques that can detect subtle variations without interfering with native biomolecular interactions are required. Here we report a rapid method to identify point mutations by a single nanoparticle sensing system. DNA-directed gold crystallization forms rod-like nanoparticles with bridges based on structural design. The nanoparticles enhance Rayleigh light scattering, achieving high refractive-index sensitivity, and enable the system to monitor even a small number of protein-DNA binding events without interference. Analysis of the binding affinity can compile an atlas to distinguish the potential of various point mutations recognized by MutS protein. We use the atlas to analyze the presence and type of single point mutations in BRCA1 from samples of human breast and ovarian cancer cell lines. The strategy of synthesis-by-design of plasmonic nanoparticles for sensors enables direct identification of subtle biomolecular binding distortions and genetic alterations.

Nature Communications 10, Article number: 836 (2019)


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