Kakuhunter Planetary Centrifugal Mixer SK-300SII, 300ml × 1 Cup

This entry model (SK-300SII) offers enhanced functions of mixing, degassing and dispersing.  The new medium mode has been dded to the existing mixing and degassing modes.   The medium mode renders the machine with the capability to maintenance the revolving temperature.   It is compact and can be used to process 300 mL containers weighing a maximum of 310 grams.  The numbers of revolutions of different modes are 200 – 2000 rpm (mixer mode);  200 – 2000 rpm (medium mode) and 400 – 2200 rpm (degassing mode).

Key Features

  • Equipped with a balance navigation function. The balance can be adjusted easily for the unbalance detection.
  • Compact size and three modes (mixer, medium and degassing)
  • Compatible with 300 mL container/maximum of 310 gram
  • Designed with a full range of safety functions (malfunction prevention mechanism, unbalance error detection)
  • Enhanced mixing and dispersing and heat sensitive materials can be treated due to the low ratio of rotation speed

Typical Applications

  • Printing ink mixing in electronics
  • High viscosity adhesive degassing in chemical engineering and cosmetics
  • Adhesive and color stone crushing
  • Adhesive and color stone separation in material science
  • Fluorescent powder and resin dispersion
  • Clay kneading
  • Egg+ oil + vinegar emulsification

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