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A bioinspired optoelectronically engineered artificial neurorobotics device with sensorimotor functionalities

Development of the next generation of bio- and nano-electronics is inseparably connected to the innovative concept of emulation and reproduction of biological sensorimotor systems and artificial neurobotics. Here, we report for the first time principally new artificial bioinspired optoelectronic sensorimotor system for the controlable immitation of opto-genetically engineered neurons in the biological motor system. The device is based on inorganic optical synapse (In-doped TiO2 nanofilm) assembled into a liquid metal (galinstan) actuator. The optoelectronic synapse generates polarised excitatory and inhibitory postsynaptic potentials to trigger the liquid metal droplet to vibrate and then mimic the expansion and contraction of biological fibre muscle. The low-energy consumption and precise modulation of electrical and mechanical outputs are the distinguished characteristics of fabricated sensorimotor system. This work is the underlying significant step towards the development of next generation of low-energy the internet of things for bioinspired neurorobotic and bioelectronic system.

Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 3873 (2019)


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