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Genome of Mendel’s peas

A reference genome for pea provides insight into legume genome evolution

The genome sequence of the pea Pisum sativum, the original model used by Johan Gregor Mendel to determine his law of inheritance, links the dawn of the genetics field to the modern sequencing era.

See Kreplak et al.

We report the first annotated chromosome-level reference genome assembly for pea, Gregor Mendel’s original genetic model. Phylogenetics and paleogenomics show genomic rearrangements across legumes and suggest a major role for repetitive elements in pea genome evolution. Compared to other sequenced Leguminosae genomes, the pea genome shows intense gene dynamics, most likely associated with genome size expansion when the Fabeae diverged from its sister tribes. During Pisum evolution, translocation and transposition differentially occurred across lineages. This reference sequence will accelerate our understanding of the molecular basis of agronomically important traits and support crop improvement.

Nature Genetics volume 51pages1411–1422 (2019)





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