Peristaltic Pump, Medium-High Flow Rate 70 μL/min – 3000 mL/min, Dual Channels -BT600-2J

This medium-high flow rate Peristaltic Pump (BT600-2J) can generate adjustable flow rates in the range of 70 μL/min – 3000 mL/min. The pump can be controlled through  the control panel, an external control interface  or a RS485 interface, and the running parameters are saved automatically.

Key Features

  • Compatible pump heads: YZ1515X, YZ2515X,  YZII15, and YZII25
  • Prime key for fast filling and dispensing
  • Adjust speed manually or automatically through an analog interface
  • Memory function: store running parameters automatically
  • Membrane keypad, easy to operate
  • Indoor use only

Typical Applications

  • Precision liquid handling or delivery
  • Bio-lab applications
  • Suitable for laboratory and industrial application

More information can be found on

Aurora Pro Scientific

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