Following on the recent debut of its PERMETRO system – a dissolution and permeation all-in-one automated testing system at AAPS in San Antonio, USA, LOGAN INSTRUMENTS CORP has announced PERMETRO available globally for all customers at a Technology Summit of “Innovation of formulations, leading the future of intelligent medicine” in Shanghai, China on December 11-12, 2019. The research conference was attended by more than 400 academic, industrial, and drug R & D experts from US, China, India, and Germany.

Logan gave an invited feature talk of “Relationship between Drug Dissolution and Penetration Integrated System and BE” at the meeting to introduce its PERMETRO system. The PEMETRO system uses a bionic intestinal membrane to simulate the release and absorption of drugs in the gastrointestinal tract, providing a dynamic absorption profile for permeation through dissolution cycle, and closely mimics the in-vivo drug absorption in intestinal for the first time. The PERMETRO is fully automated and works seamlessly with all USP dissolution apparatus, e.g., 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Logan Permetro System 800 is designed for simultaneous dissolution / permeation tests, and a special program is included to study the bioequivalence (e.g. checking the permeation profiles between the generic drugs and RLD).

Logan Permetro System 3700 is designed to study the drug permeation under different buffer pH in addition to the parallel dissolution / permeation tests.

Logan’s PERMETRO system is the most advanced in the pharmaceutical industry, opening a new way for drug development such as IVIVC, bioequivalence, and the understanding of the interferences of food or drugs on drug absorption. Logan is also accepting samples for dissolution / permeation tests. For more information, please contact Ms. Joan Lee (TEL: 732 302 9888 ex 105) at Logan Instruments.


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