Aurora Pro Scientific Provides Components to Build ‘Phone Booth’ in Asia, Protecting Health Care Workers During Covid-19 Tests

It was reported that a South Korean hospital introduced a ‘Phone Booth’ to protect health care workers during the coronavirus testing.  The health workers can use a swab to take testing sample from the oral cavity of a patient for the test with surgical gloves inside the ‘Phone Booth’. Due to this transparent barrier between the provider and the patient, it effectively mitigates the risk of infection. Also, it doesn’t require workers to wear personal protection equipment (PPE).

The working principle of “Phone-Booth’ is very similar to our acrylic glove boxes that offer an isolated environment for users to handle tests. But this ‘Phone Booth’ does not need antechamber control module, vacuum pump and moisture analyzer as well as LCD touch panel. We  have been offering standard glove box ports made of hard aluminum alloy to build those ‘Phone Booth’ in the past a few weeks. These glove box ports feature quick installation and robust seal to accommodate a variety of glove and sleeve combinations.  The key features are as follows:

  • Two components: glove retainer part and threaded ring;
  • Boltless makes removing and replacing gloves easy;
  • The 8.6’’ (220mm ) ports fit all standard 8’’ gloves;
  • Multiple material options are available.

Besides, customization of this ‘Phone Booth’ like glove boxes is also welcomed.  For example, fresh air circulation inside the chamber can be realized by adding an air pump and one N95 filtration system.  Please feel free to contact us at for product inquiry.

Aurora Pro Scientific:


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