Actuators, Sensors and Robotics


Biosensors, smart materials, systems and structures, including intelligent systems, sensing and actuation, adaptive structures and active control.

Analytical Instrument


General analytical, flow cytometry, mass spectrometers, spectroscopy

Business & Industry


Many businessmen, industries and consumers trade in their factory's raw materials, machinery & medical equipment, among other things.

Clinical Laboratory Instrument


Blood gas analyzers, chemistry analyzers, hematology analyzers, flow cytometry, hemostasis analyzers and other diagnostics instruments.



Cell / Tissue Culture Filtration / Chromatography / Hybridization Pipette Tips Tubes

Contract Manufacturing


Contract manufacturing and services, such as silicon/MEMS micro-machining, injection molding, micro molding, and hot embossing etc.



Buy & sell school-college textbooks and magazines. Find easy tuition , classes and domestic and foreign educational topics.



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Engineering Lab Equipment


Engineering Labs Equipment,CNC machines, 3D printers

Fluid Handling Equipment


List and sell fluid handling related equipment and systems. Fitting and Couplers | Filtration | Flow Control and Measurement | Flow Meters | Fluid Storage Systems | Pressure Control and Measurement | Pumps and Valves | Temperature Control and Measurement etc.

Food & Agriculture


Find different types of consumer products including fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, crop seeds, trees and other agricultural products.

General Lab Instruments


General lab equipment and instruments, such as glove boxes/isolation chamber, autoclaves/sterilizers, high precision balance, bioreactors, colony counters, liquid chromatography, homogenizers, incubators, ultrasonic, water purification, particle size analysis etc.



Find various type of general genetics, PCR, sequencing, and thermal cyclers items and more items for your lab.

Health & Beauty


Buy & sell various beauty products, Jewelry, Shoes, including bag, watches, perfumes, beauty items & Children's Items.

Hobby, Sport & Kids


Sell musical instruments and various items of the kids, including the new and used sports equipment and the traditional arts and collectibles.



Here you can buy different types of websites and find software for different operating systems like Windows, IOS, Android etc.



Simple post & apply for domestics and international job vacancies for your dream location. Find your expected job in your nearest cities.

Microfluidics and BioMEMS


Buy and sell your microfluidics related products, such as microfluidic chips, silicon dies, surface treatment materials, actuators/sensors and related accessories. Microfluidics | Lab-on-a-Chip | BioMEMS | MEMS | Organ-on-a-Chip

Optics and Imaging


Here you can buy & sell almost anything.Classified advertisement for lots of products and items all over Country.



Sell different types of reagents and find your preferred reagents at reasonable prices. Antibody | Biochemistry| Cell biology | Elisa/Diagnostic Kits | Molecular Biology | Other reagents and medium



Find business & technical services including health, lifestyle, personal belongings and essential services dedicated to general consumer.

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